meet the band

Our priority is to create a lasting experience.
We are passionate about building an atmosphere that makes people say yours is the best event they’ve ever been to.
We want our clients to have the time of their lives. Carolina Midnight is not just about getting people dancing, we’re about getting people rockin’. With us the party never stops - even when the band takes a short break, our DJ keeps the night going with line dances and your favorite hits.

Although all members of Carolina Midnight have worked with national acts, our focus is on your guests not ourselves. We strive to use our talents to create a fun and exciting atmosphere for everyoneand because of our many years of experience in the entertainment industry, we know what it takes to make a successful event.
Often we have the honor of being a part of the most important day of our clients’ lives and that is something we take seriously. We start the process early, finding out exactly what our client wants. During the initial consultation we ask a lot of questions so we can understand fully what you want for your event. Then we take care of everything else. We make the process simple and stress free so that you can put your energy into other things. Planners love to work with us because we understand how we fit into the big picture of your special event. We discuss and coordinate every detail so that we can best fit into your vision.

We also work very closely with a sound and event lighting company so that we can coordinate what we do with your style and décor. We use wireless, top of the line equipment to ensure a clean and professional look on stage.

Carolina Midnight looks forward to helping make your event the uniquely special evening you envision.